Projecting the Company's Image

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Do you think that an office, clinic or company uniform affects the way the clients perceive the quality of their services and products?

Well, I do. Uniforms are one of the ways to project the kind of image that you want the general public to associate your company with.

Recently, a new dental clinic opened right beside our office and we were surprised to see that in just a few weeks, they already have numerous clients (can't help it because the parking spaces have become so scarce lately).

Curious, we dropped by the clinic just for a short chat to inquire about their services. Aside from the welcoming and modern reception area, we found out that the dentists and the dental aides are donning high fashion scrubs.

Wow, it's not the plain uniforms that we usually see in our dentist's clinic! The notion is that if their management could give such attention to their uniforms, more so on their equipment and services. Right?

I'm not sure where they bought their uniforms but I've heard that there are various types of medical scrubs available at Well, I'm not working in the medical field but I'll surely check out that site to see what they've got.