Why Buy Gold Coins?

Before money was created as the medium of payment, people traded and engaged in barter to get or procure the things that they wanted or needed. Spices, fine linens, precious metals such as gold and silver, animals, pottery and even salt - these are just examples of the things you can barter in the early days.

Nowadays, transactions are usually made in terms of money. However this does not stop a few people from still investing in precious metals such as gold.

In times of economic instability and uncertainty, gold still remains as a valuable commodity whose value doesn’t fluctuate as much as money’s value. In addition, investors know that having gold among their investments is a good way to diversify their portfolio. As a matter of fact, the current spot price for gold showed a 2.08 increase to $1,730.98.

Aside from investors, collectors also know how fine gold, silver and other precious metals (especially those limited release editions) can bring more value to their collection. It is no wonder that a lot of companies such as the Great Southern Coins are offering fine gold not only to investors but to collectors alike.

Speaking of Great Southern Coins, it is from a link on their website (Precious Metals News) that I had learned the news that bullion demand from China soared in the past few years. From a global gold demand share of 10% in 2007, China accounted for 21% of the global share in 2011. From about 250 tons gold demand in 2006, it is currently almost 800 tons.

The news on precious metals is not the primary goal of Great Southern Coins website though. They cater to the needs of those who wanted to buy gold, silver and other bullions. They are also offering auctions, supplies and books.

Among the examples of the gold bullion and coins are the American gold eagles, gold buffalos, gold bars, Canadian gold maples, IRA qualified gold, African gold Krugerrands, Austrian gold philharmonics and Mexican gold coins.

As for the silver bullion and silver coins, they sell American silver eagles, Canadian silver maple leaves, silver bullion bars, silver rounds, world silver coins, silver collectables, sterling silver and more.

If you are an investor or a collector, you should buy gold and silver.