Google Updates Page Ranks of Sites

Google updated the page ranks of sites earlier this week and as expected, web masters and bloggers everywhere had mixed emotions. Some of them had their sites or blogs' page ranks demoted while some were glad because their blogs earned higher rankings.

Algorithms used by Google in determining a site's page rank is hard to understand that is why it's better to just hire the services of companies or organizations that specialize in Search Engine Optimization if you can just afford it.

Search Engine Optimization involves the creation of authoritative contents that are useful to your site's visitors, positioning your site above the rest within your industry. Since the Google's basis for determining the factors that affect the page ranking of sites is constantly changing, Search Engine Optimization companies will take care of the "dirty work" for the search engines while you concentrate on the things that matters - that's keeping your readers happy.

Are you a webmaster? How do you go about with your site optimization? Do you get surprised with sudden changes in your web site's page ranks? Do you understand how Google "does it's math" when it comes to coming up with your site's rankings?