Breast Prosthesis

When you hear the word prosthesis or prosthetic, what usually comes to your mind? If you're part of the majority, the first thing that will come to your mind is an artificial device used to replace a missing limb that's usually used by amputees or disabled persons.

As developments in science continue to progress, prosthesis has now included other body parts aside from the limbs. Experts have created a new kind of prosthetis: breast prosthetis. As the word suggests, breast prosthesis is an artificial device used to create or enhance the shape or form of a woman's breast.

Most breast prosthesis are made of silicon to create a more natural and realistic use. These types of products are usually used by transgenders to make them look like women with breasts. Other less endowed women who wanted bigger breasts but don't want to undergo surgical procedures also use them to create the illusion of a better figure.

While the common reason for people to use breast prosthesis is for beauty, don't jump into conclusion that only vain people use them. People who have undergone mastectomy (or the medical procedure of removing one or more breasts usually to treat breast cancer) can use them too.

Just like any product of science and technology, breast prosthesis has its advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is that we should not use them irresponsibly or for unjust purposes.