Fifteen Year Old Girl Was Raped, Stabbed and Burned by an Addict

Till now, friends, family and concerned people still visit a place in northern Las Vegas where a fifteen year old named Alyssa Otremba was robbed, raped, stabbed for about 40 times and then burned last September 2. Her last text message to her family was she's on her way home and expected to arrive within half an hour but she never made it home that night. The next day, her burned body was found on a vacant lot in the area.

The suspect's name is Javier Righetti and he's a nineteen year old resident in the same area as well. The brutality and violence involved in the crime were unthinkable. True enough, this crime was committed by a drug addict who also confessed to a second robbery and rape that he had committed.

It's saddening and frightening how drug addiction had affected the youth. The unfortunate part is that drug addicts do not only destroy their future and their lives. Their lack of control and judgment because of their addictions cause them to do things to other people which usually result to violent crimes like this one.

If you happen to know someone who is into drug addiction, do him or her a favor by asking him to undergo drug rehab. Do not wait for bad things to happen first then just blame yourself for not doing anything.