I'm a Lucky Shopper

We were doing our grocery last week at Walmart when we noticed some group of people gathering at the school supplies section. Everyone looked so excited and in a hurry to place stuff in their carts.

Curious, I went to see what's going on. Wow, there's a sale going on where some school stuff are being sold for just $0.10 apiece. Even though the clerk who's in charge of changing the price tags was still not finished with her job, everyone was already rummaging through the aisle full of bargains!

Notebooks, staplers, plastic folders and CD holders were just among the goodies offered for a dime. There were also lunch boxes, plastic baskets, organizers and sets of paper clips sold for only ten cents.

The best bargain I found was the 15" x 10 7/8" x 11 1/2" stackable file organizer. It usually cost more than $4 so it was really a steal! We were able to get three of these (in titanium color) because all the rest were already taken. There was a pink one but the price still was not changed and we're not sure if it's included in the sale items.

The next day, we went back again to see if there's more sale but we found nothing. Things I wanted were rolled back either to it's original price while only a few items we don't need remained at $0.10. We even asked a cashier if there's still a sale going on but it seems that she's unaware that a sale was held the night before.

We spent almost $9 that night for items that could have cost us more than $50. Truly, a case of just being at the right place at the right time. Lucky me.