Baby 2GO

The cutest bundle of joy is without a doubt, a baby. With this kind of joy comes serious responsibility, though, towards the baby and the family. Thus taking care of the little one while providing for the family basic needs entails provision for baby care, like a baby carrier.

Whoever invented the baby carrier has his invention adapted in all corners of the globe from generation to generation. The type may vary from one culture to the other but the purpose remains the same.

A baby sling is another provision for baby care wherein wearer could take baby along while doing some needed activity like shopping. Baby slings remind me of colorful fabric used by native women in an Asian country I visited. The cloth is sewn together or knotted securely and worn around the neck. The baby is placed inside the cloth. This cloth can also be turned into something like a hammock. Tied at one end and attached to a sturdy beam of the house, the cloth can be gently rocked to and fro, lulling the little one to sleep.

I get to attend a baby shower every so often. Since I do double jobs I find it practical to purchase baby items during a store sale. I buy an assortment of baby clothes and toys, to baby carriers, ring slings and sturdy colorful fabrics which could be turned into baby slings.

After all, I come from a large family. A baby is expected every now and then.