Gossip Girl

This guest post is from Mickey Garza

I just can’t wait to watch “Gossip Girl” tonight on Orange Park direct TV.

I had stopped watching the show last season, but last Monday, I caught the episode where Blaire was a run-a-way bride. Being a run-a-way bride didn’t last long because her husband’s family ended up tracking her down and she was required to stay with him for at least a year or else her family would have to pay their end of the dowry. I know, dowry sounds ridiculous, but she was marrying a fictional royal.

I actually read that Grace Kelley had a one million dollar dowry that when she married Prince Ranier, that is kid of crazy to think of, she got married in the 1960’s, really not that long ago.

Anyway, I had forgotten how much I loved the drama of “Gossip Girl”. I had also forgotten how much that I loved the clothes on “Gossip Girl” and the dynamics of all of the characters. I called my Mom and told her to start watching it again. I really can’t wait until tonight! The suspense is killing me!