Styles of Baby Carriers

Babies are like sweet angels - cuddly, cute, delicate. But any mother or those who cared for infants know that even though they are fragile looking, the task of carrying those babies for a long period of time can be stressful. Moreso if you're going to travel with them!

Good things that baby carriers were invented. They help you carry (and wear) your baby without putting up with too much stress.

There are various styles of baby carriers.  An example would be the back pack style which, like the name suggests, is placed on your back like a back pack bag. Dads usually use this kind of baby carrier and it's ideal for traveling and outdoor activities.

Another style of baby carrier is the wraps which is tied around your body and it holds your baby in place as they snuggle close to your body.

A popular (if not the most popular) style of baby carriers is the front packs. It's like a bag worn in front with padded shoulder pads and waist bands.

Newborn babies to those of toddler age are often carried using the pouches. This style of baby carrier consists of a simple tube of fabric that you place over one shoulder - after which, you can settle the baby in.

Other styles include ring slings, hip carriers, frame back packs and mei tais. There are probably more styles which are just variant of the styles mentioned above.

Baby carriers are great especially for those outdoors baby activities but make sure that what you'll be using fits your baby's age, weight and capabilities (like head and neck control, etc.).