Do You Use Babyslings?

More and more parents are now using babyslings to carry their babies so it is no wonder why babyslings now come in a variety of different designs. Whether you are a mom, a dad or someone in charge of taking care of the baby, it is important to remember that it’s not enough for babyslings to be fashionable, they need to provide superior quality and maximum security as well.
You can use this resource as a guide in choosing a sling or baby carrier but whether you opt to buy your own babysling or make one for yourself, you should take note that a good babysling will not cause you (and even reduce) back-strain and should allow for several different carrying positions. Find (or make) a babysling that is fully adjustable so that it would fit mom and dad everytime.

Whenever you use babyslings, be sure to remember to always check the minimum and maximum weight that it can carry. This will keep you and your baby safe. For example, slings (or those traditional-style baby carriers that have the baby snug up against one’s front or chest) can only be used for children aged 0 to 24 months old. After that, it would be better to use a back carrier to transfer the strain on the back.

Have you tried babyslings before? Care to share about your experience in the comments section?