Online Buying Money Saving Tips

These days, you can buy almost anything just by a click of the mouse. Gone are the days when you need to travel to the mall or store to do your shopping. With the advent of the internet technology, you can even shop internationally without leaving your home.

For frequent internet shoppers, here are some tips which may help you save or cut costs when shopping online.
  1. Always compare prices between different sites before buying a product. Be sure to take into consideration the shipping and other incidental costs when comparing the prices.
  2. Use coupons when buying online. Before hitting the "finalize" button, be sure to search for "coupon" or "coupon codes" in Google or your favorite search engine site. Some coupon sites require that you click a coupon link from their site in order for the discount to be valid while other sites, such as Retail Me Not, allows you to search among online stores coupon codes listed on their database that you can use during the online shopping check out.
  3. Apply as an affiliate of your favorite online store then use an affiliate link when buying. For example, if you frequently buy at Amazon, take advantage of the Amazon Associates feature of Blogger (under the Monetize section) then create a link on your post to the product that you wanted to buy. The referral fee that you earn serves as an instant rebate on your part. Some affiliate sites include Amazon Associates, Commission Junction and LinkShare.
  4. Read product reviews with a grain of salt. Opinions are subjective so even if Buyer A gives a two thumbs-up rating for a certain product, Buyer B might give it a negative score. Instead, focus on reviews that deal on the details of the product.
  5. When buying things such as clothes, lingeries and shoes, always try to check the size charts of the site. Sizes are not uniformly applied in all sites and the medium-sized blouse you bought in Store A may already be Large in Store B. Although some sites allow product returns, the shipping costs are usually charged to the customer.
  6. Always be cautious when using your credit card online. If you have your account enrolled to the online banking feature of your bank, regularly check your credit card charges to immediately know when a transaction was wrongfully charged to your account. Avoid sharing personal data online because it will just give hackers the information to access your accounts and makes you susceptible to credit card fraud.
These are just some smart money tips that you can use when doing your online shopping. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned so shop wisely.