Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Have you tried some do it yourself upholstery cleaning? Here are some stuff that will help you do the job - the green living way:

Whipped Detergent

Mix equal amounts of water and liquid detergent (NOT laundry detergent) until frothy. Scrub it into stains using a sponge, brush or rag then rinse.

Vacuum and Softly Brush Weekly

Regular vacuuming of the cushions and backs will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt into your upholstery. Using a soft brush to remove loose soil also helps.


Use water sparingly in cleaning your cushions. Use cool water for non-greasy stains and warm or hot water for greasy stuff. Take note that heat sets most stains so use sparingly.


Mix shampoo with water then dab onto sponge or brush then use on greasy stains.

3 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide

Spot test this first on a small and hidden area of the upholstery. Dab on stain and repeat until stain is gone. Do not rinse.

For more serious cleaning requirements such as in cases of smoke and fire damage, getting the services of professional cleaners will be necessary and will save you from lots of hassle. You can check out cleaning and restoration services provider online like the http://www.thesteamteam.com/austin-restoration-services/smoke-fire.shtml to find out how they can help you in your cleaning and restoration requirements.