How Do You Choose Your Dentist?

How do you choose your dentist?

Some people have no choice because they only get a chance to select among the providers that are listed by their insurance agency.

For some, word of mouth marketing is their way of finding the best dentist. They ask some friends, relatives or people to refer dentists (such as, but not limited to, orthodontist, pediatric dentist or periodontist) and go for the dentist with the most positive reviews.

Other people (especially those who newly transferred to a place) search online or in yellow pages for a dentist in the area. For online searches, it may be possible that they can save something because usually, discounts or promo codes are given online although it's possible that you can also find coupons in some publications.

The other patients just choose a dentist in random. When they find a dental clinic and their insurance don't specify one (or they intend to pay in cash), they just walk in and hope that the dental visit will turn out ok.

Which kind of patient are you?