Jobs in the Legal Field

When a survey was made asking what are the most popular jobs in the legal field, lawyers and judges take the top spot. That's understandable but how many other legal jobs can you enumerate? Do you know that there are a lot of other people working on a legal case or in the legal field in general?

Lawyers, judges, magistrate judges, magistrates, administrative law judges, adjudicators and hearing officers are just some of the highest paid persons in the legal field that's why they tend to be more popular with the general public. Usually, when you mention the word law, they are the first class of legal field workers that comes to mind.

So what are the other jobs? Well, there are also other legal jobs such as law clerks, court reporters (or those undertaking court reporting, title examiners, abstractors, searchers, paralegals and legal assistants. These jobs are, however, considered as the lowest paid legal jobs. A few analysts explain that the salary rate that these workers receive is a combination of various factors although the most common reasons are because they are entry level positions (thus paid entry level position rates) or have no other way up in their career path (the reason why they are usually relegated to the background so nobody seems to notice them.