Gifts Ideas for the Homemaker

When you're a homemaker (like a stay at home wife and mother perhaps whose life revolves on your family and the household chores), you'll gain a different perspective especially when it comes to gifts.

When I was still working, I appreciate gifts such as make-up kits, bags, clothes and techie stuff that I could use at the office. Now that I am a stay at home wife and mother, I appreciate things that I can use in doing various chores at home like a simple hand food slicer. I also enjoy stuff that I can use in decorating the house like blackout curtains pair or a pinstripe sheet set.

Of course, vanity items are still acceptable but you should understand that most homemakers don't need to dress up and get out of the house daily so oftentimes, they don't really use these items that much.

Aside from stuffs that they can use in doing tasks at home and decorating their home, you can also give them the following:
  • something related to their hobbies - like a cross stitch set if she's into cross-stitching
  • ticket to some concerts and special event - be sure to make it at least tickets for two so that she can spend time enjoying it with someone (like her hubby)
  • books - just make sure that it's on a topic that she loves

The above items that I mentioned are just suggestions. The main consideration should always be your recipient's needs and interests (like the things she loves to do or something she plans to have someday).