Fully Dressed With Perfume

Guest post written by Anna Somers

There are certain things that people just love to do in the mornings. Some people like to go for their morning runs, but before I leave the house one of the things that I feel compelled to do is to put on perfume. I just feel like I'm not fully dressed without it. I have quite the collection of perfumes too. You could say that I'm a perfume hoarder. But that makes me sounds like I never use them. I definitely use all of them.

But that doesn't mean that I'm against branching out and finding new fragrances. I love to look through blog posts about new fragrances with my Clear Wireless and keep notes of ones I would like to get. I'm forever getting perfume samples too to choose a new scent.

I'm really looking forward to the new Betsey Johnson perfume that's coming out soon. I'm a big fan of her other scents and I think that it's going to make a nice addition to my perfume shelf. I'm always looking for the next great addition to my perfume shelf.