Travel Brochures

Have you experienced traveling in the United States for pleasure then just staying in hotels or motels for the night? We experienced driving from state to state for about two weeks and just booked for the night in different hotels - and I tell you that it was a wonderful experience.

One thing I had learned is that even if you don't know a lot about a place, you'll get to see a lot of brochures and promotional materials on the popular tourist attractions in the area. They are displayed in the hotel lobbies and you're free to get them.

I'm just so glad that advertisers thought of brochure printing as a way of advertising their products (or in this case, tourist attractions) because we got a chance to learn more about the nice places to visit that we don't usually read on books or on the internet.

There are times when maps are also included in these travel brochures - and those are really of great help - even during these times when people just use the GPS to navigate from one place to another. There are times that we found some short cuts in the maps that the GPS still haven't learned about (probably because it's not updated, LOL).

If you're lucky, you can even find some gems in those brochures - like some discount coupons and freebies. So the next time you see some travel brochures, at least just give it a look. They are not only for promotions - they hold tons of information and savings too.