Reminiscing College Years

College life was a wonderful part of my life. It may not be as great as my high
school life was but nonetheless, it was enjoyable.

The course I was pursuing was a para-medical one. There was an infusion of science subjects in our curriculum. The subjects during my first year were rather easy but my difficulties started during the second year. In one subject we studied not just the microscope parts but the any life forms that could be seen and examined only through the microscope. Once, we were given a test wherein we were allowed only five seconds to identify the kind of organism that we saw through the microscope. It was hard to do that in just a few seconds but so I was so glad when I passed the examination.

During the third year we were exposed to nursing in the hospital floor. We were doing hospital work in the morning and we’re attending classes in the afternoon. In the evening, we were bone tired but had to study for the next day, either for examinations or for graded recitations.

We had a lot of challenges in our studies.We graduated in March and took the board examinations a month later and we all passed.

After more than three decades, next year our batch will converge in the institution where we spent five rigorous years of studying and training. We all look forward to being together again. I am sure we all will look back to those five not only rewarding but enjoyable years.

Note & Invitation: This is a guest post from Alma, reminiscing here college years. You can also submit your experiences and thoughts that you'll like to be featured in this blog.