Trivia on Deposition

Do you know that...

... in the USA and Canada, a deposition is an oral testimony usually given out-of-court? In other countries, a deposition is given in courtrooms.
... some US states (such as New York) refer to deposition as EBT or examination before trial?
... obtaining oral evidence of a witness before trial is unheard of in common law jurisdictions such as New Zealand, England and Australia?
... it was during the 19th century that the right to pose oral questions to opposing parties in litigation before trial developed?
... some of the places where depositions are usually taken are in the office of the court reporter or one of the law firms involved in the case, at a witness' workplace or home, conference rooms? In some cases, depositions can be given in the hospital especially if the person to be deposed is dying.
... a litigation is generally attended by the person who is to be deposed, his lawyer and other parties to the action (either through personal appearance or by representation